November 17th 2009

prettyGallery is a nice an lightweight slider for jQuery. It just takes standard list items and slide them with a nice paging.

The goal is for you to skin the list the way you want it to be display, then apply prettyGallery on it so it takes care of all the javascript needed to slide the content.

One Response to “prettyGallery”

  1. Wouter Thielen says:


    I am using prettyPhoto and I love it! Now I need some kind of gallery too, so the first thing I thought about was, wouldn’t pretty* have something for that? So I checked out your page, found a prettyGallery, and saw the demos. Pretty simple, nice. But I am missing a feature: when you “drag” within the gallery slider, wouldn’t it be nice if it went to the right or left, depending on where you drag to. I think the drag event is capture-able. Maybe an idea?

    Keep up the nice work!


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