Google saved the internets?

September 22nd 2009

Today, Google released what’s called “Google Chrome Frame” it’s basically an IE6 plugin that puts Google Chrome into the IE6 window. As you might already  know, the most recent Google apps takes advantage of the most recent advancement in css, javascript, html and supporting IE6 has really become a pain for them (and everyone). Why write hacks when you have the power to write an IE6 plugin? They took the simplest route and what seems like the right one in my point of view.

I hate Google

Yup I hate them. Not because I see them as big brother or because I fear them, but because they have so much power, so many assets that nothing seems to stop them. Take any small company that tries to develop and sell a web app and need to support IE6, they’d never have the power, money or resource to build such a plugin. Yet that’s what Google did and damn, I must thank them for that.

The future

I guess we’re gonna have to wait a few months before we can actually see if people use this. But if it ever become mainstream enough so we can start asking users to install this plugin instead of spending 20-25% of our time writing IE6 hacks, I will then have to say…thank you Google.

What’s your word on it?

3 Responses to “Google saved the internets?”

  1. dave says:

    thanks a lot.. not as good as the original post (lost my screenshot on that.. prettySad) but the truth is on the web again 😉

    keep on doing what you do!

  2. David Mishra says:

    Well in some way we can say Google have helped building the internet through their large data. But as there are more competition from app stores like Aptoide they have been not focusing more on user than on making money.

  3. ankit says:

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