Google Analytics Reporting Other Websites Data

July 21st 2009

It has been going on for a little while, my Google Analytics account was reporting data from other sites. At first I thought it was a bug in the system, but upon further inspection I found out it was actually people using the same tracking code as me. Most of the time it’s people using prettyPhoto, look like they “save-as” my demo page, change the content/design and upload.

So for a little while I was manually filtering out the domains I didn’t want to get data for. It became a pain as more and more people seemed to be doing this. Fortunately, I found a fix. I’m now only accepting content from my domain.

Here’s how to do it.

1) Log onto Google Analytics and click on “Analytics settings”
2) Click on the “edit” button of the website you want to apply the filter to.
3) Scroll down to “Filters Applied to Profile” and click on “Add filter”
4) Fill the form like in the screenshot bellow. Put your domain name instad of mine

That’s it! Now you only track data from your own domain. It’s now a part of the things I do by default when I setup a new GA account so it doesn’t happen anymore.

4 Responses to “Google Analytics Reporting Other Websites Data”

  1. David Roy says:

    I’ve been encountering this same error with Google Analytics lately with my site but by excluding those sites I got it fixed.

  2. Jamesh Reddy says:

    Thanks a lot for the article it is really useful. Been struggling with understanding Google Analytics lately.

  3. Jonathan Debis says:

    It is really a good guide for a beginner to Google Analytics. It is also very important thing to learn. Thanks a lot for publishing such informative article.

  4. This is the very necessary step for the best synchronisation of the user with the browser. As we know very this is very important if you always work with the browser and also love work without any type of the barrier then you have to take the necessary steps for it and delete your previous history easily. Thanks a lot

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