Server died.

October 8th 2009

As some of you might have already noticed. My web server died yesterday, the hard drive crashed. While I should have had backups, I do not, so I lost all my posts, all my projects pages and more importantly all the comments you left on my blog.

This is not a post to tell you I quit, I just want to say that I will slowly try to bring as much as I can online. Thanks to a friend of mine pluc, he suggested I could always try to get the most important stuff from Google Cache and this what I plan to do.

If some of you are looking for prettyPhoto, it can still be found on GitHub while I bring the project page back online.

Lesson learned now, I’ll make sure to backup!

13 Responses to “Server died.”

  1. Julien says:

    Crap. C’est platte ça.
    Si jamais t’as de la misère à trouver PrettyPopin 1.3 ou prettyGallery 1.1 :

    Morale de l’histoire : use GitHub ; )

  2. Jack says:

    Hi you can try google cashed pages:
    I can see there is a lot of your content…
    follow link below:

    click “cached” for each page

  3. Hey Stéphane,

    That’s a bad news, maybe you can try with to restore partially your web log.

    Sorry man.

  4. dave says:

    good luck! hope you can fix this prettySoon.

  5. John says:

    ways for recovering hard drive (just provide it in case you need it)

    1. If it does not power up, check circuit. It is unlikely broken for this area. If it did, a experienced electrical technician can help to fix it. In most case, it is loose wire or connection or bad component.

    2. If it does power up and no strange sound when spinning, check the patrician table. Most troubles I had are from here. It can be fixed with either some old dos based tool or interrupt call (most trusted way if you know how). If you need how to check disk with interrupt, I can find my reference for it.

    3. If it the disk inside is damaged, the recover cost can be quite high. It needs more sophisticated training and beyond my skill.


  6. admin says:

    @Julien: Thanks, j’ai au moin des copies locales de mes scripts. As-tu un backup de ma db stp! 😉

    @Jack: A friend gave me the same idea. I’ll grab the most important stuff from there

    @dave: Haha! Nice one

    John: I don’t the drive in my hands. We might get together and pay to recover it. It can range from 200$ – 2000$ tho.

  7. John says:

    Additional comments

    1. If it is locked up mecnically, a thermal shock can bring it back to life. (room temperature to freezer and back to room temperature etc.) Use plastic bag to seal the harddrive nicely before this attemp.

    2. The assembly language and interupt call is not really difficult. It will tell you how bad the drive is. In most case, it just few lines of code typed in the dos window. It may help to save few hundred bucks if that is the failure mode. Try on some old dirve first to get use to the command. It does not tolerate error!!

    Good luck.

  8. Bruce says:

    sorry to hear that… ..

  9. billy bob says:

    You could also maybe get some content from Archive dot Org.

    I’m personally not really fond of them as their “service” gets into copyright issues (as a professional) but since you haven’t asked them to block your site – you may be able to recollecct some content. Looks like the CSS (style is gone) but some content is there.*/

    Anyway – sorry to hear about it – it sucks. I recently bought a new 1.5GB drive for backup purposes and it died within a couple of months. Luckily the main files on other drives are fine.

    Good Luck.

    Also – thru a web search – I think there are some mirroring sites out there for cheap or free.

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