prettyPhoto 2.5.6: Bug fixes (only!)

January 5th 2010

Allright, I’ll be very honest with you. I introduced some bugs in prettyPhoto 2.5.5. Luckily those I’m aware of just got fixed!

I fixed:

  • A bug where the loader icon wouldn’t display properly;
  • A bug where the videos would still play when prettyPhoto was closed;
  • A bug where prettyPhoto wasn’t displaying properly upon re-initialization.

If you still see some bugs (hey, I’m human!) or need some support, check out the support forums.

Head over the project page to download it!

22 Responses to “prettyPhoto 2.5.6: Bug fixes (only!)”

  1. dave says:

    thanks a lot.
    can’t wait to see version 3.0 of prettyPhoto 😉
    keep on doing what you do.

  2. mactrash says:

    can you add video support?

  3. ezboy says:

    i have problem,if my page height is 600
    then the prettyPhoto will show the height 300~
    how to fix show the img or page show the page top!

  4. ty says:

    looks like there’s a bug in PP, when Quicktimes are viewed in IE 7 the controller sometimes disappears, this also happens in the PP demo files for download.

  5. Gabriel says:

    Hi, prettyPhoto is very cool! But there’s one thing you should change. In the empty href=”#”, instead of href=”#” you should write href=”javascript:void(0);” because FF dosen’t like “#” he return the root page of the site instead of doing nothing.

  6. CrashDesign says:

    There is a little issue with f***ing IE 😉
    I wasted some time for bugfixing 😉 If you have an ID “images” (e.g. ) on the page, the script doesn’t work.
    Crappy invalid IE sux 😉

  7. Radik says:

    Hi, you script very well, but hi has bug in Internet Explorer 6. I create ajax image and bind prettyPhoto event. When I click by link Internet Explorer 6 has crash. This is bug here

    Excuse me for my English. 🙂

  8. Xema says:

    Hi! estoy haciendo un sitio web, en el que puse prettyphoto (lo mejor que en visto), pero tengo un problema… uso la version 3.0beta pero no me funciona en iE, aunque si en FF o Chrome, y no se por qué…

    Help please!!

  9. Xema says:

    Perdón, la direccion es esta…


  10. Tráva says:


    you did reallty great job! I decided to use your script, but I found kind of a bug.

    When I call .prettyPhoto() function twice (code below), it generates error, that says $ppt is undefined. I read the code, and the problem appears because _buildOverlay is not called and the $ppt, $pp_pic_holder and $pp_overlay vars are not set.

    I use multiple .prettyPhoto() calling because of some ajax content loading.

    Thank’s a lot 4 this great script, wish you the best.

    Example code:
    $(element+” a[rel^=’prettyPhoto’]”).prettyPhoto();
    $(element+” a[rel^=’prettyPhoto’]”).prettyPhoto();

  11. Trava says:

    Hi there

    Trava – have you (or anyone else) found a workaround for the situation you are dealing with? It puts a pretty big hex on this plugin for me not to be able to use it with Ajax. I’m looking at how I can hook into the calls and try to make sure that _buildOverlay does get called, but if you can speed things up that would be brilliant.



  12. Chris says:

    Woops – I feel like a dufus for putting your name in where mine should have been. Oh well.

  13. Chris says:

    Sorry for not checking the support forum before posting, but someone came up with a solution to this –

  14. Hyunkeln says:

    Call this function before calling again prettyphoto:

    function remove_ppt(){

  15. igor says:

    @Hyunkeln if you execute this code in setTimeout for example 3 seconds browser was crash or hang after 30 minutes, any ideas how to fix this??

  16. Eduardo says:

    Hi all. Im using prettyphoto in my web. Last version. In firefox it works fine you see the lightbox effect but it doesnt in IE. Is this a bug?.

  17. Ashish Joseph says:

    Once you double click on close button, the plug-in shows js errors and none of the scripts would work. You will have refresh the page.

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  22. Peace says:

    It is Incompatible under jq3.

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