prettyPhoto 3.0: Updated beta.

August 26th 2010

Hey I’m not dead. Neither is prettyPhoto. My last update dates back to March 15th, I’ve been quite busy. Part of it is job, the other part has been Final Fantasy 13 ;)

But the good news is, I have been working on prettyPhoto during that time. So today I release an updated beta version with several bug fixes that were in the previous version.

Here are the full details:

  • Added: Keyboard event bindings as a setting.
  • Added: Inline galleries.
  • Added: Multiple prettyPhoto with different settings on one page.
  • Added: Slideshows!
  • Added: Custom markup support (will write a tutorial soon)
  • Fixed: Vimeo video ID parsing.
  • Fixed: Double click causing a where prettyPhoto would open without the faded background.
  • Fixed: Bug when an image would not resize after opening an iframe.
  • Fixed: Image resizing issues when allow_resize is set to false. Images now center properly.
  • Fixed: “Image cannot be loaded” message bug. Removed the toLowerCase, a bug I introduced…can’t really say why I did that :(
  • Changed: Vimeo video now uses their new universal player.
  • Changed: Default theme, now facebook.
  • Changed: Default speed, now fast, feel snappier.


So you want to test it? You can find the demo page here:

I suggest you test it on your website, you can find a zip file here:

Please note that since it’s a beta, you should retest everything on your own to make sure nothing breaks.

Bug reports

Please report any bug in that thread in the forums. I’ll do my best to get them squashed to release that update as quickly as possible.


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