prettyPhoto 3.0 is live.

September 15th 2010

prettyPhoto 3.0 has been in the work for quite a while now. The latest update (2.5.6) dates back from January. So it has been in beta for quite a while a it is now ready for prime time.

Project Page Documentation


I fixed some stuff, changed some setting but most important, I’ve added features that have been lacking for quite a while. See the full (color coded!) changelog below.

  • Added: Keyboard event bindings as a setting.
  • Added: Inline galleries.
  • Added: Multiple prettyPhoto with different settings on one page.
  • Added: Slideshows!
  • Added: Custom markup support (will write a tutorial soon)
  • Fixed: Vimeo video ID parsing.
  • Fixed: Double click causing a where prettyPhoto would open without the faded background.
  • Fixed: Bug when an image would not resize after opening an iframe.
  • Fixed: Image resizing issues when allow_resize is set to false. Images now center properly.
  • Fixed: “Image cannot be loaded” message bug. Removed the toLowerCase, a bug I introduced…can’t really say why I did that 🙁
  • Changed: Vimeo video now uses their new universal player.
  • Changed: Default theme, now facebook.
  • Changed: Default speed, now fast, feel snappier.

To tie in with this release, I also created a new FAQs page. Some of you had recurring problem, so I’ll try to cover most of them in that page.

The future

Also, either subscribe to my RSS feed or my Twitter feed because I’ll be launching a “tutorial” series soon. These tutorial will be to help you cover more advance ground using prettyPhoto.

As usual, I hope you like to projet, feel free to comment, contribute, donate 🙂

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