prettyPhoto 3.0.2: Much needed bug fixes

March 7th 2011

I know, I haven’t been really active lately, but don’t worry I was working on prettyPhoto for the past several months. This new version does not boast any new feature (*sad face*), but it does contains a lot of bug fixes. It is a recommended update for anyone running prettyPhoto on their site.

Where can I get it?

Head over the project page to download this new version :)

You can also follow the project on github to be up to date on the latest prettyPhoto development

Help it broke my site!

As usual, if you have any problem with this new release, please head over the support forums where you will be taken care of.


  • Fixed: The overlay gallery is now only displayed on rollover to resolve issue where it always showed during slideshow
  • Fixed: Made the filetype check case insensitive
  • Fixed: Percent based sizes to be independant
  • Fixed: Issue with trailing characters after the filename
  • Fixed: An issue when opening big images in inline content
  • Fixed: Make sure the content never scroll over the top
  • Fixed: Initial prettyPhoto position
  • Fixed: Slideshow autoplay when closing – reopening prettyPhoto.
  • Fixed: Scroll issue in IE
  • Fixed: Width issue in IE
  • Fixed: prettyPhoto default size
  • Fixed: image preloading and image injection code
  • Fixed: Resize icon behavior
  • Changed: prettyPhoto now loops through the gallery instead disabling the next arrow on the last item
  • Changed: Namespaced events to play better with other plugins.
  • Changed: Keyboard event to only preventDefault on actions used by prettyPhoto


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