Introducing: INK – Own your content

March 11th 2011

Here’s my latest plugin. This time I wrote it in pure javascript because I didn’t want it to be tied to a library.

What is INK?

INK is a new way to own your content. It’s a well known fact, the content you produce can be shared all around the web and in a very large number of ways. One of the most common ways is to simply copy the content and paste it wherever we want it to be shared. That’s fair, but there’s one problem; most of the time you don’t get credited for the content you have produced and the shared content is given out of context without any way to go back to the source (your site!)

Where to get it?

As usual, head over the project page for all the sweet details.

Project page »

16 Responses to “Introducing: INK – Own your content”

  1. Paul says:

    Without forcing me to comb through the code, can you give a brief description of what it does? Sounds terrific though.

  2. TestShoot says:

    I have been using a similar plugin from Tynt but this is far cleaner and more elegant!

  3. Tricks hive says:

    INK is a new way to own your content and whatsapp plus is new way to your content ( )

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