prettyPhoto 3.1: New theme and ajax support

March 31st 2011

Here’s yet another update to prettyPhoto. It’s quite a big one too, I’ve decided to change the default theme and add ajax support…finally.

The theme is a collaboration between Orman Clark and Christian Budsched (Kriesi). I just saw it being used in a WordPress theme and found it so nice that I had to make it the default theme of prettyPhoto. So Orman and Christian, thank you very very much for saying yes!

Here’s the complete changelog:
Added: Ajax support.
Fixed: Long title would cause the box to jump up a bit.
Fixed: Namespaced scroll event.
Fixed: Browsing throught picture wouldn’t bring you back to the end when clicking previous while being on the first picture.
Fixed: Resize bug.
Fixed: Issue where the inline gallery would cause a preloading of the iframes.
Optimized: Gallery injection script, now 30% faster.
Changed: The YouTube embed code for the new iframe embed.
Changed: Slideshow are now enabled by default.

As usual, head over to the project page to download the latest version.

23 Responses to “prettyPhoto 3.1: New theme and ajax support”

  1. VSE says:

    Hooray for 3.1! Love the new theme you added too. Thanks!

  2. Jim Smith says:

    OMG! Love this script but it’s about to make me go mental! Am trying to get some inline content to work (iframe content works fine), however i keep getting a ‘Image cannot be loaded…” error!

    I’ve searched for hours now, and it seems to be a common issue – however I can’t find a cure for it!

    Please help!

  3. Cesar says:

    Dear all:
    Is there anyway to use the latest version without showing the image gallery thumbnails? We prefered the older version, much simpler. But the new code it is a requirement, given the problems found with the new IE9.

    Thanks, César

  4. hi Caro, does it works with wordpress? its a plugin for WP or in custom html use? tks! congrats!

  5. Serhat says:

    Hello. Is it possible to add easing effect like you dont need to publish this wish. Just asked. Thank you for big project 🙂

  6. Serhat says:

    And new wish. Add all images to prettyPhoto feature. If you are using wordpress and nextgen gallery. You can see this feature. Its perfect 🙂

  7. Christian says:

    Hi, I have a trouble….
    I want insert a link, near social images, to download the photo is viewing…is it possible? How?

  8. Ryan Martell says:


    So using the new ajax stuff- it replaces the innerHTML, which does NOT cause javascript to execute from the loaded ajax code. Using the changepicturecallback() to call a method to make the new data “live” doesn’t work either, because in showContent(), this is being called before the DOM is altered by _insert_gallery().

    My suggestion is either to move the changepicturecallback() to below the _insert_gallery() call, or if that might break historical code, add another callback – pictureloaded() or something.

    Otherwise, script looks great. Thanks!

  9. Ryan Martell says:

    Okay- disregard the above; I was looking at it wrong. The issue does still stand- the script elements aren’t executed after an ajax load. However, it can be fixed by doing this:

    changepicturecallback: function() {
    $(‘.pp_inline script’).each(function() {

    You might think about adding that as a default option?


  10. David says:

    Problems with youtube videos chrome – pp 3.1 lightbox opens up shaded darker entire screen nearly black buttons prev next play etc unclickable and shaded over, then crashes. Works fine ie 9

  11. Chriss says:

    Is there a way to make a minimum size for the pop up? Sometimes an image that is too small gets loaded and the top close button drops to the bottom and doesn’t work.

    Maybe a way to make it a minimum size of 200×200 or something would work.

  12. Stefano says:

    Hi, i’m having problem after an AJAX call. Simply this plugin stops working after i load a new content with ajax. I already tried re-initialiting the plugin in the “success” of the $.ajax but it didn’t work.

  13. Stéphane Najman says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if it would be possible to have prettyPhoto open automaticaly when entering on a page with images ?
    If yes, could you tell me which parameter I should change ?

    Thanks in advance …

  14. krupaharan says:

    Hi , am new to prettyPhoto and my problem is Pretty Photo is not supported with jQuery 1.11

    Is there any other alternative choice to avoid this version compatibility problem.

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  21. “I just saw it being used in a WordPress theme and found it so nice that I had to make it the default theme of prettyPhoto. So Orman and Christian, thank you very very much for saying yes!”…….

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