prettyPhoto 3.1: New theme and ajax support

March 31st 2011

Here’s yet another update to prettyPhoto. It’s quite a big one too, I’ve decided to change the default theme and add ajax support…finally.

The theme is a collaboration between Orman Clark and Christian Budsched (Kriesi). I just saw it being used in a WordPress theme and found it so nice that I had to make it the default theme of prettyPhoto. So Orman and Christian, thank you very very much for saying yes!

Here’s the complete changelog:
Added: Ajax support.
Fixed: Long title would cause the box to jump up a bit.
Fixed: Namespaced scroll event.
Fixed: Browsing throught picture wouldn’t bring you back to the end when clicking previous while being on the first picture.
Fixed: Resize bug.
Fixed: Issue where the inline gallery would cause a preloading of the iframes.
Optimized: Gallery injection script, now 30% faster.
Changed: The YouTube embed code for the new iframe embed.
Changed: Slideshow are now enabled by default.

As usual, head over to the project page to download the latest version.

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