prettyPhoto 3.1.1: Deeplinking, social sharing, win

April 13th 2011

Here’s yet another update that I’m quite proud of. This version introduces 2 new features.

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First new feature, deeplinking

From now on, every time a prettyPhoto window is opened, the url will be updated. That means that you will be able to share a link to a specific picture. Just follow this link for an example:!prettyPhoto[pp_gal2]/0/

As usual, this feature is customizable and can be disabled if you don’t wish to use it. The setting is called “deeplinking”. A complete list of settings can be found one the documentation page.

Second new feature, social sharing tools

Social is big, we all know it. So I’ve added social sharing tools straight in prettyPhoto. These tools in conjonction with the new deeplinking feature, allow you to share specific prettyPhoto picture all over the social web.

As usual, this feature is customizable and can be disabled if you don’t wish to use it. The setting is called “social_tools”. You can either customize the social tools markup of set it to false to disable the feature. A complete list of settings can be found one the documentation page.

Bug fixes

This version also fixes several bug, here’s the complete list:

  • Fix IE7 overlay_gallery overlay bug
  • Fix bug when opening percent based media then opening normal sized media, the second opened image wouldn’t be resized.

If you need any support, please visit the support forums.

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