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Here it is! The beta version of prettyPhoto 3.0. Why beta? Because there are several big changes in this version and before making it official, I really want it to be working properly. I tested the usual stuff myself, but I really want to throw it out to the community so you guys can test it.

Summary of changes

  • Ability to initialize multiple prettyPhoto with different settings
  • When opening a gallery in prettyPhoto an inline gallery is presented over the photo. See post thumbnail.
  • Slideshow! See settings in jquery.prettyPhoto.js
  • Changed defaut theme, “facebook” theme is now default.
  • Changed the default speed to fast, feels snappier now.
  • Code optimization, removed about 70 lines of crap.


So you want to test it? You can find the demo page here:

I suggest you test it on your website, you can find a zip file here:

Please note that since it’s a beta, you should retest everything on your own to make sure nothing breaks.

Bug reports

Please report any bug in that thread in the forums. I’ll do m y best to get them squashed to release that update as quickly as possible.


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