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prettyPhoto 3.1: New theme and ajax support

March 31st 2011

Here’s yet another update to prettyPhoto. It’s quite a big one too, I’ve decided to change the default theme and add ajax support…finally. The theme is a collaboration between Orman Clark and Christian Budsched (Kriesi). I just saw it being used in a WordPress theme and found it so nice that I had to make […]

INK is ready for prime time!

March 17th 2011

Lots has changed since I’ve released the plugin last week. I’ve added bunch of functionnality, made sure the users are able to disable it, fixed some layout bugs. In short, I worked a lot on it! I now get the feeling it’s ready for primetime, I’ll start promoting it around and see what the response […]

Introducing: INK – Own your content

March 11th 2011

Here’s my latest plugin. This time I wrote it in pure javascript because I didn’t want it to be tied to a library. What is INK? INK is a new way to own your content. It’s a well known fact, the content you produce can be shared all around the web and in a very […]

prettyPhoto 3.0.2: Much needed bug fixes

March 7th 2011

I know, I haven’t been really active lately, but don’t worry I was working on prettyPhoto for the past several months. This new version does not boast any new feature (*sad face*), but it does contains a lot of bug fixes. It is a recommended update for anyone running prettyPhoto on their site. Where can […]