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Douglas Crockford — Crockford on JavaScript

July 23rd 2010

It’s friday, time to relax (and learn!). Here’s a really cool link, it’s a tiny bit old but it’s still totally worth it if you’ve never heard of it. It’s a talk Douglas Crockford gave back in january about javascript, it’s past, present and future. It’s divided in five chapters. This is a very interesting […]

Firefox to implement calc() in CSS3.

June 14th 2010

I’ve just read last week that Firefox would implement calc() in their new version of Firefox. It’s not out in any publicly released version yet but it is coming as they talked about it on their developers blog. Why should you care? Ever had an element that needed to have a percentage width with padding? […]

prettyLoader 1.0.1

April 23rd 2010

Tiny new version I’ve just released. Basically it consists of 3 things: Bind events only when the loader is showed Fixed loader position when users scroll Added error control on loader path and alerts you in the event the loader image is inaccessible. It is a suggested update but not critic. Head over to the […]