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prettyPhoto 2.5.4.

October 17th 2009

Only a bug fix for the theme fallback for IE6. I messed the version check so all IE falled back to the white square theme. Download is over here:

Server died.

October 8th 2009

As some of you might have already noticed. My web server died yesterday, the hard drive crashed. While I should have had backups, I do not, so I lost all my posts, all my projects pages and more importantly all the comments you left on my blog. This is not a post to tell you […]

Google saved the internets?

September 22nd 2009

Today, Google released what’s called “Google Chrome Frame” it’s basically an IE6 plugin that puts Google Chrome into the IE6 window. As you might already  know, the most recent Google apps takes advantage of the most recent advancement in css, javascript, html and supporting IE6 has really become a pain for them (and everyone). Why […]