prettyPhoto, prettyCheckboxes, support forums are back!

October 9th 2009

Yup! I rebuilded the prettyPhoto project page, you can find it here. I’ve put prettyCheckboxes back online as well here. And the support forums for the plugins are back too here.

I’m doing my best for bringing back the content that was the most important (most views).

48 Responses to “prettyPhoto, prettyCheckboxes, support forums are back!”

  1. Elias Bazhinov (Russia) says:

    Hello Stephane,

    thirst of all, thank you for your great job PrettyPhoto. I have only one question: in old version pictures are scrolling in row with 3 4 5 or more images with left-right arrows (carousel?), but in this new version i cann’t’ to find this option. I really need to use your beautiful job in carousel format, like older release. Can you to help me turn on it? Or give me older version with image litebox and flash litebox support?

    Thank you very much


  2. pluc says:

    Well, that didn’t take long…

  3. niko says:


    first of all, thanks for sharing theses fabulous script !
    i’ve got a question:: i would like to use this gallery in an existing div on my webpage, but not using it on an overlaying div.
    is it possible to modify the code, in order to get the mixed media gallery working in an existing div? thanks in advance!

  4. FEcó says:


    I would like to use yout gallery plugin, but i make somthing wrong, could you tel me what is wrong in my code?
    here is the url where 1 would like to try

    thank you very much!


  5. admin says:

    Hi there,

    In order for prettyPhoto to work, please include it in your page too, it can be found here:

    As for prettyGallery, you need to initialize it, please take a look here for the doc:

  6. Vali says:


    What’s the problem with the link to the prettyGallery zip? both of them actually are giving 404 errors…



  7. admin says:

    @Vali: I’ve just updated my design and moved the project pages into WordPress. I simply forgot to change the download link. Check the project page again, you’ll be able to download it.


  8. James says:

    Hi Stephane.

    Great script – I absolutely love it. I am using prettygallery and prettyphoto in a trial page I’ve created – It works super smoothly on mac in FF, Safari and Opera. And super smooth in FF, Opera and Google Chrome on Windows 7. However – IE8 on Windows 7 doesn’t let the gallery function (it shows all the images in one box) and also when I click on the images it just opens them in a new page. So close!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Stephane says:

    @Jame: Thansk for the nice feedback.

    For the IE bug, it look like the “trailing comma” bug. Make sure the last item in prettyPhoto/prettyGallery settings doesn’t have a comma.


  10. James says:


    I had a look in prettyGallery.js – and the last variable setting (after ‘Next’) doesn’t have a coma after it. Could it be something else – or perhaps another variable in prettyPhoto.js etc?

    Cheers. James.

  11. hajikelist says:

    Thank you for an excellent selection of tools! Very much appreciated, I reviewd several lightbox implementations for jquery and found yours to be my favorite.

    just a note: We’re using a protected url delivery mechanism in our administrative area and this one caught us by surprise – [unexpected .js alert box since this tried to load the swf as an Image] some of our flash files aren’t names with “.swf” so the file sniffing here is failing. I’ve modified the source to allow for override of file types.

    }else if(itemSrc.indexOf(‘.swf’) != -1){
    return ‘flash’;

    since we’re already specifying prettyPhoto[flash] perhaps trusting that value would be appropriate.

    Muchas Gracias!

  12. Droope says:

    @Stephane, @admin: I can confirm Vali’s finding.

    Here is a screenshot:

    Works perfect with mozilla ffox. I will attempt to fix it.


  13. Droope says:

    Ahhh, ie8 debugger says:

    Invalid argument.

    Which may be a bug in jquery 1.3.2

  14. You says:

    Your code doesn’t work in IE8.

  15. Alhadis says:

    Really? I’m looking at it in IE8 right now, and it’s running perfectly fine. Same in IE7.

    Be more specific.

  16. simon says:

    @droope, @staphane, @james

    thanks droope for the provided link – reading through it, I found the bug isn’t in jquery but in a resize-script I used (because everything was working perfectly, when ie8 window was not miximized).

    so in my case I set the window-size watch function of this specific script only to ie7 and lower, using conditional comments:

    if (!window.Weite && document.body && document.body.offsetWidth) {
    window.onresize = rebuilt();
    bla bla bla …

  17. simon says:


    I might have guessed, the reply editor to delete html code. So go here:

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