Just in time for the holidays, prettyPhoto 2.5.5!

December 21st 2009

It’s here, new prettyPhoto! Added new features, modified the settings, optimized the code a bit.

New features

Inline content support. You now just have to link to the ID of the element you want to open in prettyPhoto and prettyPhoto will do the rest.

I also added support for Vimeo, just link the the video page and prettyPhoto will do the rest.

New theme! I’ve bundled a new theme inspired by the facebook modal box.

Settings changes

Added wmode as a setting. You can now specify if your flash movie needs to be opaque or transparent.

Added autoplay as a setting. You can now specify if you want the movies to start playing as soon as they are opened in prettyPhoto…or not!

prettyPhoto markup, flash markup, quicktime markup and inline content markup are now in settings. So if you ever need to modify flash params, add bits of HTML you can change these settings and you’re set.

How to upgrade?

As usual, just replace the javascript and css file with the new one. Add the facebook theme images in case you want to use that theme and you’re set!

Where is it?

The project page is here, the support forums are here, the donations are here.

35 Responses to “Just in time for the holidays, prettyPhoto 2.5.5!”

  1. dave says:

    plz check the loading animation “bug” since 2.5.
    there is also a thread in your forum about it. loading large images look like an error without
    any animation. even on your demos the bug occur.

  2. Larry says:

    Thanks! I love this plugin. It’s definitely saved me a lot of time.

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