prettyLoader 1.0.1

April 23rd 2010

Tiny new version I’ve just released. Basically it consists of 3 things:

  • Bind events only when the loader is showed
  • Fixed loader position when users scroll
  • Added error control on loader path and alerts you in the event the loader image is inaccessible.

It is a suggested update but not critic.

Head over to the project page for more details.

37 Responses to “prettyLoader 1.0.1”

  1. Dom says:

    I have a recurrent bug :
    “cur_x is not defined” (line 9)
    it happens on a page with UI tabs (with anchor/div tabs and one ajax tab), and only when I load the page URL directly with the ajax tab hash (#mytab) in the URL…

  2. Dennis says:

    I have some problems with the prev / next buttons. I think its he offsetHeight problem. When i use text that takes 2 or more lines, the next and prev buttons disappeared. Is prettyphoto an opensource project? Can we help develope?

    Grtz Dennis

  3. Artem says:

    cur_x is not defined
    Line 9

    Appears frequently when ajax action performed on document ready event

  4. Artem says:

    35 // Set the cursor pos only if the even is returned by the browser.
    36 cur_x = (e.clientX) ? e.clientX : 0;
    37 cur_y = (e.clientY) ? e.clientY : 0;

    this code will fix the problem

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